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Glass Garage Door Installation

Proudly Introducing Our New Glass Garage Door Showcase- These doors will give your home an irresistable allure and curb appeal. Elegant and beautiful, they say much more about your social status than a regular garage door!

Glass Garage Doors San Diego

Glass Garage Door Model #8001

 FROSTED (Displayed)

Choose Your Glass Style From Over 15 Available Options! 

Your new Glass Door will be made to order and can be installed within 2 weeks from our visit to your home.


You will recieve a 10 year warranty on all parts and materials, as well as a free service plan to tune and lubricate the system within 2 years. Guaranteed!  


Give us a call today, we can have boots on the ground to take measurements for your estimate this afternoon! Installation for these luxury doors can be a few weeks out as they are special order. 

We install the best glass garage doors in all of San Diego! From start to finished you'll be especially pleased. The doors pictured are the most popular options. 

We love helping our customers design their doors! Listed below are mix and match styles for glass and frames. 

Please note, acrylic glass styles and frame color finishes above #01 Clear Aluminum are an additional cost (variable).


Number 07 Frosted is the most popular. Very elelgant and private, it's the most economical! Choose from the 15 styles below.

Glass Options for New Glass Garage Door
glass garage tinted windows

01 Clear Glass
02 Gray Tinted Glass*
03 Bronze Tinted Glass*
04 Mirrored Glass*
05 Obscure Glass*
06 White Laminate Glass
07 Frosted Glass* or Acriylic
08 Clear Acrylic

09 Gray Acrylic
10 White Acrylic
11 Clear Polygal*
12 Bronze Polygal*
13 Clear Anodized
    (Aluminum Panel)
14 Ultra Grain Light* Cherry
    (Aluminum Panel)
15 Ultra-Grain Dark* Cherry 
    (Aluminum Panel)

new glass garage door


Frame Options for New Glass Garage Door

1 Clear Aluminum (Anodized)

2 Standard White

3 Bronze (Painted)

4 Chocolate (Painted)

5 Bronze (Anodized)

6 Black (Anodized)

7 Dark Bronze (Anodized)

8 Ultra-Grain Light Cherry

9 Ultra-Grain Dark Cherry

glass garage clear windows

STEP 3: Call To Order

We will come out to inspect the garage door opening to take all the necessary measurements required. 

We will inform you as to when you may expect your order to ship, which is usually 2 weeks. Special colors and finishes can take 4 to 6 weeks.

We will fill out appropriate paperwork for your order, including total estimate foreseeing all applicable costs relating to your installation.

You will be provided with a copy of your order, estimate and receipt of deposit.

When we arrive to your home we will begin the installation process, which is a 2 man job that will take approximately 5-6 hours.

We look forward to your satisfaction!


"Our glass garage door is the best! Thank you for giving us the greatest deal!"

- Jill S.

La Jolla, CA

"Really makes our home look so much more attractive as well as raising the value! Thank you."


Rancho Bernardo

San Diego, CA


"We Care About Our Customers!"

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