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Garage Door Spring Replacement and Repair

We are experts when it comes to this main reason that garage doors won't open.

When they break, they cause the door to become very heavy and not open.


Torsion springs are mounted on a metal tube above the door on the wall. The tube has drums on either side to roll up the cable and lift the door. The springs unwind and lose power as the door goes overhead and loses weight. The rate at which this happens is called Inch Pounds Per Turn ("I.P.P.T."). The I.P.P.T. is based on the height of the door, weight of the door, radius of the tracks and radius of the drums and must be within 3 percent of the required number to have the door work properly and balance throughout its travel. Most manufacturers distribute 10,000 cycle springs with new garage doors. This means you can open and close your door 10,000 times before you can anticipate one or more of your springs to break.

We recommend replacing these stock, 10,000-cycle springs with a galvanized  25,000-cycle extended life spring that will balance the door perfectly and last for up to 15+ years. Annual maintenance, opener adjustments, hardware re-fitting, and lubrication is standard service included with your repair.

If you have an older Holmes pivot garage door system,  the springs will be located on both the left and right sides of the door, with the springs contracting as the door moves up. As the door closes the springs extend to absorb the full weight of the entire garage door.

Stuck Garage Door

If your garage door is stuck, it could be because of a multitude of issues. We can repair it! Loose cables, broken springs and damaged motors can cause the garage door to become stuck. Your door may also become jammed into the opening if one or more panels are bent.

If your garage door is stuck please call us today at 619-715-0159 for an in home estimate. We can repair your garage door today!

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

The garage door cables are connected to the spring system by means of the torsion tube. The cables are wound around two drums that are clamped to the tube, and lead down to the hinges on the bottom of the door.


If you have a loose cable, DO NOT touch either side. Instruct your family to stay away from the door until it has been repaired by one of our qualified professionals. A crooked door is very unstable and dangerous.


The technician in your home will correcty reset the door back onto the tracks, rewind both cables and provide a diagnosis as to why the cables became loose. With your approval he will then provide the necessary repairs to keep the garage door from jumping track again.

Broken and Bent Garage Doors
If your garage door is broken or bent, it can be fixed! Sometimes they fall out of the tracks and get stuck. We will reinforce the panels with steel bracing, which will straighten the door out so that it will function smoothly again when going up or down.

Garage Door Motor and Remote Not Working

Sometimes the garage door motor breaks down. This could be because either a circuit board went bad, a capacitor blew out or a broken gear assembly. Garage door gears wear out over time.

If your garage door motor or remote isn't working, this could highlight an electrical or wiring problem somewhere in the system. The technician will correctly diagnose the issue by inspecting your garage door electrical system, and proceed with the necessary repairs with your approval.

Unlock Your Garage Door

Sometimes a mistake happens and you are locked out of your garage door. This can be frustrating if you are in a hurry or running late to work. Is there a garage door company that can unlock it? The answer is yes, it's us! 

We'll dispatch a technician ASAP to come unlock your door. We strive to be the best garage door service for our customers!

If your locked out of your garage door don't worry, we'll fix it and install a new lock with a brand new key.

Unlock garage door

Were only a phone call away!

Call now for Emergency service at no extra charge!

Garage Door Service Clairemont Mesa

Service is available now! We usually are in the Clairemont Mesa neighborhoods several times throughout the week, You may catch us when we're around the corner!

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