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Off Track Garage Door Cable Repair

April 7, 2017 | Updated August 23, 2022

Sometimes your system won't open because the cables get tangled and need to be adjusted. The garage door may have come off the tracks and become stuck.


We are experts when it comes to cable repair and will do the best job to get your garage door open and working again. Check the cables if the door is stuck, they may have come loose.

"What do I do if my garage door came off the tracks?"

If your garage door came off the tracks and is stuck:

  • Do not press the wall control or pull the emergency release. You could possibly injure yourself as wel as damage the entire garage door system and motor.

  • Check to see if a cable has come loose. The door will not work properly with a loose cable. Do not touch or attempt to adjust the cables because they are under a dangerous amount of tension. If you have a loose cable, the other tight cable is under more than 300 lbs of tension.

  • Check to see if the lights are blinking on the motor. 

  • Contact a professional garage door company to look at the issue and perform the dangerous repair.

garage door cables repair
garage door cables
garage door off track

When we arrive to your home we will first begin by inspecting your system completely and in full.  Once a proper assessment has been made we will begin by unloading our equipment and setting up for the repair.

We will gladly assist you in moving any personal items necessary to make room our repair equipment.

Properly setting the cables to the exact proper tension required for your door is an industry standard method, which your technician is well trained in. We will then put the door back on track to the original level state and position. The wheels usually tend to come out of the tracks, which we will re-install back into their hinges and back into the rails.

Sometimes the cables need to be replaced if they are broken or frayed. It is not uncommon to see a cable up cut pretty badly. If the cable needs a replacement we have them ready for you, and it only takes an additional 15 minutes to install

Once the cables have been reset we will make any necessary adjustments to the springs, which lose strength and tension over time. The springs may need to be replaced if they are weak. Garage door springs break after a given number of life cycles, and deprecate in power with frequent use.

Finally we will tune and lubricate your entire system, Free! This is provided for every customer, every day!

Service is available today, within 45 minutes. Call now to speak with a friendly representative and schedule an appointment.

"We Care About Our Customers!"
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