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A Garage Door Poem



Garage doors, a gateway to the home,

A place for vehicles to safely roam.

Built sturdy, to protect and withstand,

The daily comings and goings of man.


Rollers smooth, tracks straight and true,

A simple push, and they open for you.

With a quiet hum, they smoothly glide,

Making access quick and convenient inside.


Automatic doors, a modern marvel of man,

With a touch of a button, they open or span.

No more struggling with weights and springs,

Technology makes life easier, it brings.


Different styles, to suit each taste,

From wood to steel, each one's unique and laced.

Roll-up, swing-out, tilt-up or slide,

Every design has its own special pride.


Colors, sizes, and materials too,

Endless options, for the garage that's new.

Windows and insulation, to keep it warm,

A space not just for vehicles, but a cozy home.


Garage doors, the entrance to the drive,

A symbol of security, where one can thrive.

Protected from the elements and the night,

A place for one's vehicle to take flight.


The garage door, it's more than just a door,

It's a representation of what's in store.

A place to park, to store and to hide,

A garage door, the entrance to the inside.


So let's raise our garage doors high,

And celebrate the convenience they supply.

From our homes to the roads we drive,

The garage door, the symbol of our lives.


Thank You Mr. Elon Musk, chatGPT and the entire team at!

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