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Full System Tuneup Included!

A free system tuneup is provided with every garage door repair! Service is available in San Diego now!


Our technicians will finely tune your garage door system, tightening every bolt, adjusting all hardware as well as lubricating the entire system, free!

This is system maintenance is provided as a courtesy to every customer with your garage door service.

Service is available within 45-90 minutes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call now to speak with a friendly service representative!  

We Offer The Best Garage Door Service in San Diego!

  • Fastest Pro Response

  • Friendliest Staff

  • 100% Satisfaction

  • Discounts and Coupons

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Service Available
Immediately Today!

Need a   repair for your garage door?

We Are Open   7 Days A    Week!

We Are Garage Door Repair Professionals With Over 130 Years of Combined Experience! We Strive to Provide the Best Garage Door Service at the Most Affordable Price! New Garage Doors Installed ASAP!

Service Available Immediately,

Within 45 Minutes! Call Now!

  • Stuck Garage Door Repair

If your garage door is jammed stuck and needs a repair, we can come out today within 45 minutes! If you need a new garage door spring we have every type. Every spring installation comes with a full 12 year Warranty!

  • New Garage Doors

Let us Install a New garage door for Your Family today!

We use high quality doors from DoorLink manufacturing co.

Your new door includes a Lifetime installation warranty, as well as a 2 year maintenance plan! Call now for an exact estimate and availability!

  • Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Garage door springs lose tension over time and eventually break after enough wear and tear, usually 15,000 cycles.

We replace stock springs with our 20,000 life cycle spring which will last approximately 15-20 years! Every Garage Door Spring Replacement comes with a full warranty on parts and labor.

If your garage door won't open, chances are that the springs may be broken. We have your exact replacement and can have it installed for you today! 

Sometimes the garage door cables and hardware 
snap or become unwound and twisted. We  repair garage doors and springs everyday in San Diego, Fashion Valley and More!

We have hundreds of different glass garage door styles to choose from in many different frames finishes. Your new glass garage door is installed and also includes a full 10 year warranty on the installation! Every new garage door installation includes A Brand New Liftmaster Battery Backup Garage Door Opener System with 2 remotes!

  • Custom Garage Door Repairs

Sometimes something odd happens to the door and it needs special attention. Maybe the track got really bent out of shape or the door fell off the tracks and is crooked.

Call today for a consultation for your custom repair. We've seen it all, try us today!

  • New Garage Door Openers Installed

We have many different models to chose from! What are your needs? Do you want a luxury garage door opener with all the accessories? Or do you need just a basic motor to get the door up and down?


Whatever the case, we've got you covered!  We have the best garage door openers in San Diego. Your new opener comes with a full warranty on installation. All new Openers are compliant with the new California law which requires all new garage door openers include a battery backup device!

Call us today and we'll have a technician come out to take measurements and prep for the installation. Once your new garage door opener is installed we can also add a keypad if you wish. All openers installed also include a free garage door tuneup and lubrication!

  • The Garage Door Service You Can Trust

We have thousands of satisfied customers in every neighborhood in San Diego! Whether you need a new  a complete garage door repair or new garage door, you can be sure that we'll get it done right the first time!

  • Panel Replacement and Re-enforcement

Garage door panels are notorious for sagging after 15-20 years of wear. Sagging and bowing garage doors jump off track. We can reinforce the panels to correct the damage and get the door working properly again. 

  • New Remotes

Need a new garage door remote? 
Call now to have one delivered and programmed today!

Every Type of Garage Door Repair is Available now!

24 Hour Emergency Service

Available 7 days a Week!

Call Now For A Free Phone Consultation!


We Can Fix Your Garage Door Today, Within 45 Minutes!


Garage Door Repair Service Today!

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Garage door springs break after enough wear and tear. We provided on the spot same day service, no waiting. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry and are more than happy to assist in fixing your spring system!

We have your exact replacements. The garage door springs that we install are rated for 30,000 life cycles and coated with a layer of zinc for protection against rust. You can be assured that they will get your garage door up and down perfectly. 

As we repair the spring system, we will be sure to explain the process thoroughly and answer any questions you may have about your garage door. 

Our technician will balance your door perfectly, tune your system and provide you with a full 10 Year warranty on the installation. Call now to speak to a friendly representative!

We replace Garage Door Springs in all areas of San Diego, Including Mission Bay, Point Loma, Mira Mesa, Carlsbad, Clairemont Mesa and More!

Garage door spring replacement

Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Sometimes garage doors come off the tracks. We fix these crooked doors perfectly!


Garage door spring tension systems are highly dangerous and require a certified and experienced technician with over 1000 hours of training!

First we put the jammed door back on track, tighten the cables and secure all of the hardware.


Next, the garage door springs may need to be reinstalled or replaced, which we will easily take care of. All repairs come with a full warranty on parts and labor.

When the door fell off track, it may have damaged and bent the tracks. We can usually repair the tracks without having to replace them. If necessary we will replace the tracks if they are damaged beyond repair.

Again, please DO NOT attempt to fix an off track garage door, you could injure yourself or others and possibly ruin the entire garage door system!

Garage door stuck and came off the tracks

Garage Door Track Replacement

We have every type of garage door track available for installation, repair and replacement.


Garage door openings with a low ceiling or a cross beam in the way may require Low-Headroom Tracks to allow your overhead door room to open properly.

Rest assured we can outfit your system correct tracks necessary to get your garage door up and down without a headache!

Garage Door Is Crooked

If your garage door is crooked or not level we can fix it today. Usually when a door becomes crooked it is because one of the pulleys has slipped and caused a cable to hang low on one side.


Do not attempt to fix this yourself as the cable and spring system is under a dangerous amount of tension. Every crooked garage door scenario is different and may require a completely different repair process compared to an identical situation.

Fixing an unstable jammed garage door is a very hazardous and highly technical process that our technicians deal with on a daily basis.

New Garage Doors

We have a full selection of New garage doors to match your budget and style. Take a look!

2 Car Deluxe Double Steel back Foam-core Insulated

2 Car Non Insulated Steel back

1 Car Deluxe Double Steel back Foam-core Insulated

Economic 1 Car Non-Insulated Steel back


New Wood Grain Finish Garage Doors

These are some of the most beautiful overhead doors available! Add curb appeal and impress your neighbors with a beautiful wood faux finish.


The garage door itself is made of steel but appears to be made of exquisite hardwood.

These garage doors come with a full range of decorative hardware options.


Add a single set of designer ornaments for $79.00. Add double decorative hardware for just $149.00!

Garage Door Repair San Diego

We have every garage door repair you need! We strive to provide the highest level of service for the best price. A friendly representative is standing by to assist you. Take advantage of one of our coupons!


Once we assess your needs by phone we will dispatch to your home to fix your garage door system on the spot. As your technician thoroughly explains the process he will answer any and all questions you may have.


Service is available today! We are one of the only 24 hour garage door service in San Diego.

New Glass Garage Door Showcase!

We proudly offer the most luxurious glass garage doors in all of San Diego. Check out our showcase for over 120 different designs and combinations!


New Garage Door Opener Installation

Installed within 24 hours! We only use top of the line Genie and Liftmaster garage door openers. They come with two remotes and installation is only $89.00!

We can install your new opener usually within 24 hours, same day installation may be available in your area. A courtesy garage door tuneup is also included for free!

Your new garage door installation is available for scheduling now! Every install is thoroughly inspected to insure quality and backed with our full warranty. Call today!


Garage Door Cable Repair

If your garage door cable slipped off, more than likely the door is jammed stuck. Sometimes the cables come off the pulley and cause the door to fall off the tracks.


We will replace the cables if necessary. Old cables can be torn, worn or frayed, and can be a danger to your system.


We replace old cables with high quality steel garage door cables and provide a full warranty on the repair.

Garage Door Wheel Replacement

Sometimes the garage door wheels break or get stuck, and need replacement. We replace old worn out garage door rollers with high quality nylon ball bearing wheels.

Theses new wheels will make your door move much smoother and quieter. You will definitely notice the difference after the installation! We offer a lifetime warranty on the new rollers, and we install them in minutes while you watch.

Unlock Your Garage Door

Are you locked out of your garage door? We can unlock it for you! Sometimes the garage door remote or motor fails to open the door. Maybe you lost the key or the remote was left in your car.


If there isn't an outside entrance how can you get in? That's where we come in! We will unlock your garage door and repair the problem. You may need a replacement lock. We will install a new lock and provide you with two new keys!


We are one of the only garage door repair services that offers an unlock service.


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Universal garage door remote $20.00 off with the purchase of any clicker!

Use Coupon Code "#MB" If you live in Mission Bay or Mission Beach to get a free service call instantly! ($125 Value)

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Standard lube and tune is included free with every repair!

"We Care About Our Customers!"

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Garage Door Service  Areas

We Service, Repair and Replace Garage Doors and Openers in 

All Areas of San Diego, CA Including

Alpine, Bonita, Bay Park, Borrego Springs, Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Chula Vista, Clairemont Mesa, College Area, Coronado Island, Del Mar, Downtown San Diego, El Cajon, Encanto, Eastlake, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Fashion Valley, Golden Hill, I.B., Hillcrest, Imperial Beach, Julian, Hemet, Jamul, Kensington, La Jolla, Lakeside, Leucadia, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Mira Mesa, Miramar, Mission Bay, Mission Valley, Mount Helix, National City, Normal Heights, O.B., Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Old Town, Otay Mesa, P.B., Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, San Pasqual, South Bay, San Ysidro, Santee, Scripps Ranch, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, Sorrento Valley, Sunset Cliffs, Temecula, Tierrasanta, Torrey Pines, University Heights and Vista and of course San Diego!

Mission Bay, San Diego CA
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Customer Reviews

Please write us a review on Yelp or feel free to email us a review and let us know how well your experience went! We love our yelp reviews, you can access our listing here.

"My husband made it to work on time today because you fixed our stuck garage door and got his car out.

Thanks San Diego!"

-Fiona M.

Rancho Bernardo

"I would not hesitate to recommend this well established and highly talented company for San Diego Garage Door Repair or a new San Diego garage door installation! We have used San Diego Garage Door and Opener Repair and each time someone came out right away and fixed it. This time, the owner came out to the job himself! And quickly did the repair! And quoted the price before he began! And he offered a 10% discount for any future work as he said the door was old and would need a new door in the future. However, he was able to repaired the roller so that it would operate efficiently in the meantime! The fact that the owner of San Diego Garage Door & Opener Repair showed up himself in a professionally attire impressed me that he cares about his customers!


Bay Park

"Our new garage door springs make the door much lighter and are quieter! Thanks for the quick repair today"

-Jackie S.

Clairemont Mesa

If you need a garage door repair today then we highly recommend this company! They truly go the extra mile when it comes to pleasing the customers needs. Very greatfull for the service and quality of the workmanship.

-John R.

La Jolla, CA

We live in Point Loma and woke up to find that our springs on the garage door snapped. Not only did they fix it, they also fixed another issue we had (broken wheels). Very pleased with the service we received.

-Gary T.

Point Loma, CA

Garage door got stuck and they fixed it for the best price out of several garage repair companies. They assured me that if it doesn't open  then it will be covered under warranty, very grateful! Well earned praises.

-Jenny M.

Mission Beach,

San Diego, CA

"5 out of 5 stars, Great Garage door service"

-Jack W.

Mira Mesa

Very happy they were able to come out today. We live in Carlsbad and were not expecting anyone to come out for at least a couple of days! After all the rain our garage  door came off the tracks and got stuck. Now it works perfect!  If you need same day service call them.Thanks

-Victoria S.

Carlsbad, CA 

We live on a hill in Ocean Beach and needed a garage door service. They absolutely went above and beyond! Our overhead door now works beautifully and the new garage door opener installation is perfect. Thanks a bunch!

-Debbie C.

O.B., Ocean Beach, Ca 

Thanks again for coming out on such short notice. Really love the fact that we didn't have to wait long. Emergency happens sometimes and very glad everything is okay now!

-Janice J.

Torrey Pines

We urgently needed a garage door repair san diego, so we called them. Very Satisfied! They fixed everything and gave a full warranty! The repairman was very friendly and explained the entire process thoughtfully. We will be calling in the future we ever need another garage door repair! Thanks!

-Doreen S.

San Diego, CA

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the fast and excellent service! The extra 'tuneup' was very kind and we'll be sure you call in the future"

Richard R.

Imperial Beach, CA

"Thankyou  for helping us design our new garage door, my wife is very pleased!"

Mark P.


Chula Vista, CA

"Our new garage door motor is fantastic! We received two remotes without even having to ask! Thank-you"

-Roy W.

San Diego, CA

"You were a great help fixing our broken springs, I am going to recommend you to all of our friends and family. My review gets you 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks for the discount!"

-Hakim L

Poway, CA

"I litterally called 15 other garage door services and they were all rude and then I talked to you, and you were so nice, thats why I went with you guys!"

-Julie P.


San Diego, CA

"I just want to say thanks for being the best garage door service I've ever used!"

-Kelly M.

Point Loma

San Diego, CA

We live in Mira Mesa and needed a garage door repair on Christmas eve because our car was stuck and opener wouldn't close. They came out and fixed it within a few hours! Am so very happy with their service! They are the go-to garage door pros. Thanks San Diego!

- Barbara H.

Mira Mesa

Needed a garage door service that could fix the same day, as our car was in the garage when it broke down. The motor stopped working and the cable on the left side came loose causing the door to literally go crazy and fell out of the tracks. We called San Diego who gave a great estimate over the phone. They came out and did they fix the garage door! It now works great. Turns out a spring was broken. They did a wonderful job for a fantastic price. Thankyou

-Alexis S.

Clairemont Mesa

We love our new garage door, it really is the envy of the neighbors! That old garage door just needed so much repair, we're happy to have found your service! I will refer you to my Sister in Pacific Beach and my Mother in La Jolla.

-Kay R.

Mission Valley

Will recommend to all our friends who need a garage door service!

-Enrique N.

El Cajon, CA

Thankyou for helping us fix the garage door and getting our car out!

Nancy C.

-Spring Valley, CA

"The best garage door openers and glass doors. Reasonable prices for luxury."


Coronado, CA

Thank you for our new garage door, we love it!


Eastlake, Chula Vista CA

We live in Clairemont, our garage door needed a repair and was stuck. They came out and fixed everything so fast! The door is now in great shape and opens much better than it used to. Thanks!

-Betty S.

Clairemont Mesa

Garage Door Poem

Garage doors, oh how they rise, A sturdy barrier to keep surprise. With a loud metallic groan, They lift and open, all alone.

A gateway to the world inside, Where cars and tools, they do reside. A space to tinker, fix and store, A place to make, to craft, and more.

In summer's heat, they block the sun, In winter's chill, they keep the cold out, done. With every open and close, They keep our secrets, safe from foes.

Oh garage doors, how they do their part, Protecting what's inside the heart.

From curious eyes, from prying view,

Our garages, our safe haven, true.

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